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Poetry by- Granville Online Middle School students

My Uncle - a Lyric poem by Candace Strombeck

MS Creative Writing/GO teacher- Ms. Poole


The day my Uncle died.

I cried.

He loved me so much.

I miss him a bunch.

We used to do a lot of fun things.

Like going to the park to swing.

When he left this world.

On the couch I curled.

Into a ball.

Because everything felt so small.



Nana - a Lyric poem by Candace Strombeck


I never got to meet my Nana.

She knew I acted like a banana.

I wish she were here,

But I know she is with me every year.


My middle name is Gail,

And that helps me not fail.

I miss her so much,

And I love her a bunch.


Can't wait for us to meet, so one day I will meet a treat.



My Family - A Sonnet by Jaime Cabrera
MS Creative Writing- Ms. Poole, GO teacher


My mom works very hard,

Yet she still has time for me.

Even when she goes very far,

She will still be in my heart even if she’s at sea.

My dad teaches me to be tough.

He just wants me prepared for life.

Because life can be very rough,

For your friends can strike you like a knife

My brother and I used to act like kings,

But now we are all grown.

We start to like different things,

And soon we will be on our own.

I will always love my family forever,

And I will never give up my love for them whatsoever.

Family Blessings - A Freeverse by Jaime Cabrera-

MS Creative Writing- Ms. Poole


My parents always get me what I want

We are not the richest family

And we are not the poorest family

But we got what we need

We live in a small house

We have food

But most importantly, we got each other

And that’s all I could ask for.


Battle in the Night

By: Riley Yoh

MS Creative Writing /GO teacher Ms. Poole


Flashes of red, white, blue, and black

Explode in the sky,

Raining ashes and embers

As the wizards fight

One breathes moonlight,

The other blue fire,

One fights with swords,

The other with precious earth

The battle goes on,

But at the end,

The wizards claim another victory

Standing in the rubble of the city

The enemy lying on the ground

The Dragon’s Sacrifice


The black dragon sends away her young,

A human girl with extraordinary magic,

Off to the river to fish

So the young girl won’t have to see,

Her mother's demise.

The brown dragon roars,

And sinks it’s claws into the black dragon’s neck,

For a reason that is not true or just,

For it was the brown dragons betrayal,

That caused the black dragon’s flight.

The young girl of 15 returned,

To see her mother lying on the ground,

With eyes closed and breathe still.

The girl cries,

Then becomes determined and walks off,

In hopes of someday,

Killing her mother’s killer


Submitted by: Riley Yoh,  MS Creative Writing student 

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